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About Video FX

With over Twenty years experience, we're ten steps ahead...

They say a picture says a thousand words, we say a video says 25 thousand every second :-)

From its humble beginnings back in 2002, Video FX has steadily grown into a well-established Sydney based and a well respected team.

We pride ourselves on our portfolio of cultural weddings that span over almost two decades, a collective experience that prepares us for almost any wedding cultural tradition and corporate functions.

The benefit to you is a team that can focus on the emotion and personality of the day. We observe and lightly guide you, so that you can shine as a couple, connected to your family and the traditions of the day. 

The end result? Natural candid moments and pure bliss.

Corporate and social media videos are also quickly becoming the main form of online communication for businesses. There are so many different ways to use video; for training, capturing customer testimonials as well as producing promotional, product and event videos. Video empowers your brand to help it become the #1 authoritative figure in your industry. Corporate videos drive traffic to your website and help convert visitors into paying customers. Any type of corporate video not only makes you look good, but they also get results. The increasing rate in which video production is being adopted by Sydney businesses, is making corporate video no longer a luxury, but a mandatory marketing tool for any business.

Forget static images. A well produced video will bring your business to life with more engagement, longer view times and greater recall positive benefits. Video FX provide complete end-to-end video production services, working to turn your initial concept to the finished product.

Don't let us tell you, let the videos speak for themselves...